Thelemic Waves Tarot Services offers a unique benefit that I'm not aware of being available to you anywhere on the Internet. Whether you call my toll-free number or engage your tarot reading via the chat button, your reading is recorded and saved for you, attached to your account, and you can review it or download it as often as you please. Hopefully this helps you become more confident in the readings you receive, as well as helps you familiarize yourself with the tarot as your readings progress over time. This should enrich each subsequent reading as you'll become more intuitively aware of how the messages of the tarot are speaking to you about things you may not yet comprehend.

Create a user account and receive five free minutes instantly to apply to your first tarot reading, plus, every call includes three free minutes (provided you have minutes available in your account). That's eight minutes just to try it out with no obligation.

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